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Well I finally decided to take the plunge and apply to join The Magic Circle, the most prestigious magic club in the country, if not the world!

The first step was to have a formal interview where I was asked to demonstrate a few effects to ensure my standard was high enough, as well as talk about my passion for magic to ensure I was a serious magician.

The next step was to have a formal audition. This is held at The Magic Circle Headquarters in London and took place a few weeks ago. The interesting thing about the auditions is that anyone who is already a member and in the venue on the night can sit in on them. Being judged by 3 of the country’s top magicians can be daunting enough, let alone having another 40-50 people watching from behind them too. I’ll be honest I was slightly nervous when I was introduced, but as soon as I started it became one of the best things I’ve done. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and just wished it could have been longer!

After a few weeks I received an email which was one of the proudest moments of life….

“Congratulations, you were successful and you are now a member of The Magic circle”

. WOW! That was all I could think.. just WOW! I can now say that I and my standard of magic has been accepted as being as good as anyone else out there, and that really is something to be so proud of!

So now if you are looking into hiring a professional magician to attend your wedding, party or indeed any event in Cambridge and the surrounding areas, make sure you contact me to find out how your event can have the sparkle of a fully accredited Magic Circle magician!

Luke Clough
Professional Magician

Money Magic with Cambridge Magician Luke Clough

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts recently. December 2014 was manic and 2015 has started off pretty busy too! I promise though that I will be making much more of a conscious effort to let you know where I am, what I’m up to and treating you to some awesome magic clips too, such as the money magic clip below 🙂

One thing that I’ve always had a love for is money magic, and over the past few months I’ve noticed that whenever I asked a spectator if I could borrow a £10 or £20 note, they would more often than not say “can you turn it into a £50 note for me?” with a laugh…… so I thought to myself what would it look like if I could?

I got to work trying to fold a note in different orientations, and finally found one that when you folded a £10 note up in a certain way, when you unfolded it it would in fact be a £50 note! Check out the video below and see for yourself…

So go ahead, grad your wallet or purse, find a £10 note and try it for yourself. You’ll be amazed at the result I’m sure 😉

Anyway, thanks for checking in. If you would like to see more vdeos and photos of me in action please click here. To find out about how I can perform close up magic at your wedding, party or in fact any event, please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking CONTACT at the top of this page or by calling me on 07877 324 587. you can also click the following links to find out about the services I offer:

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Corporate Magician

I can’t wait to hear from you!


magic from the eyes of a child

I personally love to perform magic because I love the look on my spectators faces when I am working. They experience such a range of emotions and feelings from confusion, excitement, astonished, annoyed…. you name it, they feel it!

Even to this day, knowing what I know and understanding how magic works, I love being fooled! It reminds me of when I was a child and I saw a trick performed for the first time. When i was only very young we all went on a family holiday to Florida, America and I happened to see an advert in the hotel brochure for a magic shop. I begged, badgered and annoyed my parents enough to finally make them give in and take me there. Now the owner of this shop was a fantastically interesting person who in my eyes at that time knew EVERYTHING there was to know about magic. He showed me any trick I asked to see and every one of them blew me away…. it goes without saying that I made my parents buy me some of them before we left, which I still have to this day!

I now have a 1 year old son (it was his birthday last week) Noah, who I love to mess about with and make things vanish in front of his eyes. This week we were in a restaurant (can you call Pizza Hut a restaurant?) and thought I’d have some fun and managed to get his reaction filmed. You can see the video below.

Now, that reaction bought back to me what magic is really about… laughter, fun and amazement. Thank you Noah for reminding me 🙂



If you have any questions about the services that I offer, or would like to check availability, please give me a call on 07877 324587 or fill out the form below.