July 29, 2016 Luke Clough

TV magic gone wrong!


A few days ago I came across a video highlighting one of my pet hates in magic! There is a premise in magic where the magician places a spike or a long nail pointing upwards underneath a paper bag, and then has 3 replica paper bags placed next to it. With the magicians back turned the spectator then muddles them all up so that the magician has no idea as to where the spike/nail is. He will then systematically smash his hand down upon the bags one after the other until he is left with only one, hopefully the one with the spike.

Some magicians have decided that this could be improved by not using their own hand, but by smashing the hand of their spectator down onto the bags. I have NEVER understood this….. as a Professional Magician my job is to create amazing memories and give my audience a wonderfully magical experience, not 5 minutes of absolute fear and terror!

What if it goes wrong? Surely it can’t go wrong? Why would the magician use someone else’s hand if it could go wrong? Surely it can’t go wrong……

Viewer Discretion is advised for the following video:

Rest assured that when you book me to perform as your wedding magician, party magician or corporate magic, there is NO chance of any of your guests suffering anything such as that!

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