August 5, 2016 Luke Clough

Cambridge’s best Magic Circle Magician

Magic Circle Magician in Cambridge – Luke Clough

A while ago I decided to apply for membership to try and become a Magic Circle Magician and join arguably the worlds most prestigious magic club in the world…. The Magic Circle! Many people think that the magic circle is a myth, similar to Hogwarts! However it is very real and something that I am very proud to say I have been accepted into.

Becoming a member is not something that is easy and straight forward by any means. Firstly you are interviewed, and if that goes well and you are successful you are then invited to undertake a practical exam. Here you are required to demonstrate you ability to perform magic and are judged by 3 highly ranked members of The Magic Circle and their job is to decide wether you have what it takes to be able to represent the club. I am still very proud to this day to be able to say that I was instantly successful and am now a fully certified member of The Magic Circle. Other member of The Magic Circle include Dynamo, Derren Brown and even Prince Charles so I think I’m in pretty good company!


This past week my new membership card came though which will be taking pride of place in my wallet (pictured above on my personalised close up pad). Isn’t she a beauty!

If you would like to hire a professional magician, who is a bona fide member of The Magic Circle then look no further. I will help make your wedding, party or corporate event be the most memorable it can be with a mind boggling display of close up magic and mentalism. Scroll down and fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


If you have any questions about the services that I offer, or would like to check availability, please give me a call on 07877 324587 or fill out the form below.