June 26, 2014 Luke Clough

Performing a stage illusion, in a close up setting!

Performing an impossible stage illusion, but up close!!

I’ve always wanted to learn how to perform stage illusions. The thought of standing in front of thousands of people and performing illusions that cannot be explained sends a rush right through me, but there’s always been a few problems. In order to be able to perform the effects that I love, it requires owning HUGE pieces of equipment, and to be honest I don’t think my wife would allow me to fill more rooms up with what she describes as ‘magic stuff’!

The one illusion that I have always loved watching is when a magician gets an assistant to lay down inside a box and proceeds to either saw them in half or stick swords through them in a manner that is visually impossible. So this got me thinking……. How could I perform this effect or something similar using only the tools that I carry with me to close up events. Using simply some cards, a card box and something surprising the following video was born 😉

If you have liked what you have seen, please feel free to check out my other videos either on my youtube page or by clicking here. Alternatively if there is a magic trick that you have seen before and would like to challenge me to do, then please feel free to contact me at the bottom of this page or by clicking contact in the top right and I’ll see what I can come up with!

Thank you for watching, and hopefully I’ll get to perform for you all soon!



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