September 18, 2017 Luke Clough

Why you should hire a magician for your Christmas party

It’s getting closer….. It may seem crazy to talk about your Christmas party when we’re still in September but for those of you that are in charge of planning your events, it’s probably starting to feel like its getting a whole lot closer!

Christmas parties are a fantastic way to relax, let your hair down and celebrate the year you’ve had before you break up for the Christmas and New Year period. You get the opportunity to secretly set up your colleagues with your secret Santa presents and finally get to see your serious boss dance like he’s never danced before!

So why have a magician? Well I can help set your party on a different level than all those other parties that your friends talk about. You’ll be able to tell them that you saw cards vanishing and changing in front of your very eyes, or that you saw a magician borrow your ring, make it disappear and the reappear in the most impossible of locations. Maybe you’ll have seen me borrow one of your £10 notes and make it turn into a £50 in the blink of an eye! Now that last part might seem like I’m stretching the truth, but check out this video and see it for yourself!



As we are getting closer, I’ll be honest and say that I don’t have that many December dates left (Thats not me trying to get you to book me either, its the honest truth!). If you are organising your party and would like to find out more about how I can add that extra magical element to your night, please don’t hesitate to contact me now and I’ll be more than happy to work something out for you.

Speak soon!



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