July 21, 2016 Luke Clough

My restaurant residency

Recently I was approached by Arbuckles restaurant in Downham Market and asked if I wanted to have a chat about performing for them once a month for their ‘Magic Mondays’. Having performed for them before doing their Christmas parties I jumped at the chance.

After a brief chat and demonstrating some fun close up magic, they asked me if I could start that month so my tricks worked ūüôā

Arbuckles is such a great venue. Their food is unbelievable with fantastically sized portions where you definitely won’t be left hungry!

Why not come down when I’m next performing (Monday 1st August), have some nice food and also watch miracles happen in front of your very eyes. From making your card vanish and reappear, your money¬†changing in front of your eyes or reading your mind with some mind-blowing¬†mentalism, It will be an experience you won’t forget and I just know you’ll want to come¬†back!

You may need to book as it gets crazily busy at times so give them a call on 01366 388881, book a table and ask for them to make a note that want to see some magic and I’ll be sure to come and visit you!


If you have any questions about the services that I offer, or would like to check availability, please give me a call on 07877 324587 or fill out the form below.