August 12, 2016 Luke Clough

Street Magic – one of my favourite effects!

Street Magic…..

Street Magic is something that has become a part of mainstream TV thanks originally to David Blaine, and carried on by the likes of Dynamo. Everywhere I go, when the topic comes up that I am magician everyone wants to see some ‘street magic’. Well a few years ago on a night out I got talking to a few people and mentioned that I was a magician. The first typical response I get is “Show me a trick?”, which is exactly what these 2 guys asked!

One of my favourite effects in magic is something called Torn and Restored. This originally started when a magician would take a newspaper and slowly but surely tear it into smaller and smaller pieces. When he could finally tear it no more, in a flash it would instantly restore into its original full newspaper.

Carrying around a newspaper just wasn’t practical, so over the years magicians have worked out smaller and smaller things to do the same effect with. Going back to the beginning of this blog, below is a video of me performing a version to the two guys I met.

As you can see magic has no limits! 2 guys who I’d never met before and had not imagined that they would see any magic on their night out were left screaming and shouting in amazement! “Lucifer is in the building” is one of my favourite things they screamed 🙂

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